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Essay training
5th grade

Writing is a process and requires time and training. Therefore we recommend that your child starts writing early in the 5th grade.
Course overview
  • Essay training in the 5th grade
  • Introduction to the types of texts required for the examination: narrative, report, letter and description.
  • Saturdays or Wednesdays: March to April 2023
  • Individual and focused support: 3 to a maximum of 8 children
  • Location: Directly at Zurich HB or Stadelhofen station
  • Participation fee: 990 CHF


Course Structure

It has been shown that the essay on the Gymnasium entrance exam is a crucial part of the exam, is not trained enough in the public schools and many children have great difficulty with it. In this specific essay course in the 5th grade, the most important pillars of essay writing are covered and deepened. After a theoretical introduction, the students put the knowledge they have acquired into practice by a specific writing assignment (essay), which is discussed on the next day of the course, including correction and individual written feedback and a sample solution.

Through this individual coaching of the teacher, the students can improve their vocabulary, their understanding of the four types of texts and their writing skills step by step.

These three basic pillars will be discussed each day of the course under a different topic:
  • 1
    Acquire knowledge
    • Text types: What are the different types of essays in the Gymnasium entrance exam? (narrative, letter, report, description)

    • Planning: How do I plan the content on specific topics? Which topics are typical for the Gymnasium entrance exam

    • Structure: How do I build up an exciting essay? What elements can I use to create suspense?

    • Breakdown: What belongs in the introduction, the main part and the concluding part?

    • Vocabulary training: How do I use appropriate adjectives and verbs? And how do I write varied sentences? What are the related words?

    • Perspectives: How do I write vividly from different perspectives? ("Ich-Form", "Er/Sie Form", "Allwissende Perspektive")

    • Revision: How do I optimize my essay? How do I avoid careless mistakes?
    • 2
      Transfer knowledge
      1. Every day of the course, the students are given a writing assignment on a specific topic (which is taught in a theoretical part at the beginning), which enables them to consolidate their acquired knowledge.
      2. As homework, vocabulary is trained through specific exercises.
      3. On the next day of the course, the students receive the corrected essay back, including individual feedback and a sample solution. They can improve it on the basis of the feedback, revise it and, if necessary, hand it back to the teacher for correction
    • 3
      Check knowledge
      The essays are corrected for vocabulary, structure, presentation, content, spelling and grammar. In this way the students receive individual feedback on where they stand and what exactly they can improve. The teacher supports each individual student in understanding and closing the individual gaps.

    Course dates

    The essay course takes place on the following dates:

    January to March 2023
    Our courses from January to March have already started and are fully booked.

    March to April 2023
    Course A: Saturdays, Zurich HB, 09:00 to 10:30
    Course B: Saturdays, Stadelhofen station, 09:00 to 10:30
    • 11.03.2023
    • 18.03.2023
    • 25.03.2023
    • 01.04.2023
    • 15.04.2023

    Course C: Wednesdays, Zurich HB, 13:45 to 15:15
    Course D: Wednesdays, Stadelhofen station, 16:00 to 17:30
    • 15.03.2023
    • 22.03.2023
    • 29.03.2023
    • 05.04.2023
    • 12.04.2023
      Limited seats – enroll now!
      Quality courses and individual support for your child
      • Qualified and trained teachers with a high level of professional expertise
        We specialize in supporting students on their way to Gymnasium. Our teachers are highly motivated and qualified in the latest teaching materials and curricula. We set high quality standards and we only employ a select group of teachers who fully meet our standards.
      • Individual support and personal coaching
        Personal support and an individual focus is very important to us. Our teachers identify the respective gaps of the individual students and help them to close them through individual coaching. For questions outside of course hours, the teacher can be reached via chat.
      • Comprehensive training materials
        For an optimal training during and outside of the course hours.
      • Specific essay training
        Writing essays is a core component of our courses. We will show your child step by step which types of text he or she needs to master and how to best plan, phrase and revise them. Writing essays is a process that we coach individually and specifically. For that reason, your child will write essays on a regular basis – with the aim of imparting the joy of writing. After class hours, your child is always welcome to write additional essays on a voluntary basis. Naturally, we will provide feedback and valuable suggestions for improvement for those essays as well.
      About us
      • GVZH is an independent and private competence center for Gymnasium preparation in the canton of Zurich.
      • Our experts have many years of experience in Gymnasium preparation.
      • We are a small team and focus on highest quality and individual support.
      • Our teachers are competent and committed. They are constantly expanding their knowledge and education.
      • We value fun and enthusiasm.
      • We practice open, clear and transparent communication.
      • Our lessons are highly differentiated. We support each child individually and according to his or her abilities.
      • We promote your child's independence and personal responsibility.
      Our course locations
      Our course rooms are situated in central locations, which you can easily get to via public transport. Our students can expect modern rooms, equipped with the latest media.
      Our course location directly at
      Zurich Main Station
      Lagerstrasse 2
      8090 Zurich
      Our course location directly at
      Stadelhofen Station
      Falkenstrasse 28A
      8008 Zurich