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Distance Learning
Gymivorbereitung Zürich

Your child wants to prepare for the Gymnasium entrance exam from home? Through innovative teaching methods and close accompaniment, we enable optimal online preparation from home.

Our online courses
(Distance Learning)

Has your child already planned for the weekend or Wednesday afternoon through sports, music or other activities? Would your child prefer to prepare for the Gymnasium entrance exam from home - without traveling? Here you can find our online course offer.
5th grade
Through coaching as early as the 5th grade, your child is given the opportunity to recognise and close any gaps in mathematics and German at an early stage, to gain a head start in terms of exam preparation and to build up valuable self-confidence.
  • May to July 2021
  • Saturdays, Thursdays or Wednesdays
  • German (incl. essay writing) & mathematics
  • Individual Accompaniment in small groups: 3 to max. 6 persons
  • Early detection and targeted closure of any gaps
Six-month preparation course 2020/21
Comprehensive and optimal preparation for the entrance examination to Gymnasium from the 6th grade in Zurich. Targeted and individual training in German (incl. essay writing) and mathematics in small groups.
  • Gymnasium preparation course for the 6th grade
  • September 2020 to March 2021
  • Tuesdays, 17:00 to 18:30
  • Individual and focused support: 3 to a maximum of 8 children
  • German (with essay training) & Maths
  • Learning and training materials are included
  • Assessment & mock exams – including comprehensive feedback
from 7th grade
Has your child not passed the Gymnasium entrance exam? Would your child like to start the Gymnasium preparation already before the summer holidays and consolidate important basics?
  • May to July 2021
  • Saturdays, Thursdays or Wednesdays
  • German (incl. essay writing) & mathematics
  • Individual Accompaniment in small groups: 3 to max. 6 persons
  • Early detection and targeted closure of any gaps

How does distance learning work with us?

We have designed our Gymnasium preparation course to provide a great and productive learning experience also from home using modern teaching methods:

  • Through a comprehensive assessment at the beginning of the course, we can see where your child stands and which topics should be focused on.

  • We offer an optimal combination of physical and digital course materials: Before the start of the course, your child receives a comprehensive course folder for joint virtual lessons and self-study - so you don't have to print the materials at home and your child doesn't have to solve all exercises on the computer.

  • In addition to this we have a modern course platform. There your child can always see which tasks have to be solved by when and finds further interactive materials such as quizzes, digital flashcards and learning videos.

  • For us, distance learning does not mean less guidance - on the contrary! We accompany your child closely during the course period: weekly video conferences with the teacher in the small group are held to discuss a specific topic. There is a group chat, through which the students are in contact with each other and the teacher even between the course periods.

  • In addition, your child will take an intermediate checks for each topic, which will be corrected and evaluated by us. In this way, the teacher can see whether the topic has been understood or whether further consolidation is needed. In case of questions or as needed, additional video sessions are included so that gaps can be specifically addressed.

  • Of course our proven essay training is also included and the students write different essays which are optimized step by step. The students receive written corrections as well as feedback and tips via voice messages.
  • Learning at your own pace: The students can take the courses at any time and from anywhere, using their own equipment. For those who do not have enough time to attend classes locally, distance learning allows them to learn whenever it is convenient for them. The video conferences are recorded and can be repeated as often as required. In case of questions or uncertainties, there is always the possibility for personal exchange with the teacher during the week.
  • Only the mock exam in January takes place physically on site. This allows your child to gain valuable experience in a real exam environment - just like in "real".

Which infrastructure is required for the distance learning?

All your child needs is a computer or tablet with an Internet connection and regular writing materials. The rest of the modern learning environment is provided by Gymivorbereitung Zürich.

      Why are the same participation fees for distance learning as for the classic courses of GVZH on site?

      Distance learning does not mean less guidance from our teachers - on the contrary. Designing online courses in such a way that they do not become monotonous, that the students complete the tasks conscientiously, and that the school material can be taught optimally through digital channels, is not easy. Therefore, our teachers accompany the students closely, are in regular contact with them and the lessons take place several times a week on different days. We are also happy to exchange information with the parents at any time about the current status of your child.

          Until when do you have to register?

          In order to be able to accompany your child optimally, we have limited participation places in our distance learning program. The video lessons always take place in a small group - this way we can not only ensure the best possible support, but also enable a positive group dynamic. Accordingly, we recommend that you register as early as possible.

          How does the current situation regarding COVID-19 affect the Distance Learning Programme?

          It is planned that we will hold most of the courses on site at our premises at Zurich HB or Stadelhofen station. However, should the situation in Switzerland worsen again (2nd wave), we will be well equipped to conduct all our courses online in the form of Distance Learning.

          Should your child prefer to attend our courses physically on site and only prefer the Distance Learning option if the situation is becoming worse due to COVID-19, we recommend that you register for the course on site. A change to an online course would then be possible in the event of an actual worsening of the current situation.