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from 7th grade

Has your child not passed the Gymnasium entrance exam? Would your child like to start the Gymnasium preparation already before the summer holidays and consolidate important basics?
Course overview
  • Pre-course from 7/8th grade between spring and summer holidays
  • Consolidate important foundations and close any gaps early on
  • Saturdays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays
  • 8 course days from May to July 2022
  • Individual and focused support: 3 to a maximum of 8 students
  • German (with essay training) & mathematics
  • Learning and training materials are included
  • Course fees: 1780 CHF
  • Course location: directly at Zurich HB or Stadelhofen station or online


Advantages for your child

We have noticed that some students have big gaps in the 8/9th grade and that these can only be closed with difficulty in our Gymnasium preparation courses in time for the exam. By coaching your child as early as 7/8th grade before summer holidays, we give your child the opportunity to identify and close any gaps at an early stage. This way, your child has a head start in terms of exam preparation and gains valuable confidence.
Potentially better grades in school
At the Gymnasium entrance examination in 2022, the marks in school for the decision to transfer will probably also count and the requirements will tend to be more difficult than in previous years. Through our pre-course, a valuable head start can be gained for the remaining time in the «Sekundarschule», which will also enable better grades to be achieved with regard to the Gymnasium entrance examination.
Close gaps & gain a head start
At the beginning, a comprehensive assessment of the situation takes place.We analyse which topics should be taught by our teachers and which should be trained by your child. If certain topics are not sufficiently covered in school, our pre-course offers specific support. This prevents your child from having to start the exam preparation phase in the 8/9th grade with large gaps and deficits. With a solid foundation in German (incl. essay writing) and mathematics, your child will have an optimal starting position for the 8/9th grade.
Comprehensive learning materials & access to our online course platform
The course includes comprehensive learning and training material. In addition, your child will have access to our online course platform, where further course materials as well as the topics covered in class (including valuable learning videos, additional exercises, etc.) can be found. In this way, parents also have full transparency about what has been covered in class.
Regular intermediate checks
Through regular interim tests we can check where your child already has a good knowledge of the respective topics or where there is still a need for further practice. Through individual feedback and constant insight into the intermediate checks, your child always has an overview of his or her current learning status.
Support also outside of the course hours
Our students can easily contact us outside of course hours via our chat for questions. Through our voluntary, weekly online video sessions, your child has the opportunity to receive step-by-step explanations on topics where he or she does not yet feel comfortable. Participation in the video conferences is also ideal for repetition.
Individual support and strengthening self-confidence
Our teachers support your child individually. In addition to the content-related topics, we help strengthening independence and self-confidence and provide learning strategies and focus exercises. It is our main priority that your child experiences joy and enthusiasm when it comes to the different topics.

Course dates

The pre-course starts after the spring holidays and lasts until the summer holidays. It always takes place on the following dates on Saturday, Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday afternoon:

Course dates at Saturday
  • 07.05.2022
  • 14.05.2022
  • 21.05.2022
  • 11.06.2022
  • 18.06.2022
  • 25.06.2022
  • 02.07.2022
  • 09.07.2022

Course dates at Wednesday
  • 18.05.2022
  • 25.05.2022
  • 01.05.2022
  • 08.06.2022
  • 15.06.2022
  • 22.06.2022
  • 29.06.2022
  • 06.07.2022

Course dates at Thursday (Distance Learning)
  • 24.05.2022
  • 31.05.2022
  • 07.06.2022
  • 14.06.2022
  • 21.06.2022
  • 28.06.2022
  • 05.07.2022
  • 12.07.2022

* Changes at short notice are possible. In addition, voluntary video sessions will take place outside of course hours as needed.

    Course contents

    This pre-course from 7th grade is optimally matched to the Gymnasium Preparation Course in 8/9th grade. In the pre-course, your child will receive valuable additional time to solidify relevant basics in German (including essay writing) and mathematics. It is our goal that your child can develop his or her personal independence and self-confidence during the course. As a result, your child will be perfectly prepared for the exam preparation courses in 8/9th grade and can potentially benefit more from them thanks to a stable foundation and head start.
    Topics in mathematics:
    • Calculating with fractions
    • Terms and equations
    • Basic geometric terms
    • Proportional allocations
    • Statistics
    • Perimeter and area
    • Volume and surface area
    • Text problems

    * We will determine the main topics according to the individual situation of the students.
      Topics in German:
      • Essay: Introduction to the examination conditions & required text types
      • Narration: Finding & planning, formulating and revising ideas
      • Phraseology: sentence structure including 4 cases. Sentence beginnings and sentence connections.
      • Text comprehension: Acquire a valuable reading strategy and practice it specifically
      • Spelling: the most important rules and concrete exercises
      • Verbs: including conjugation rules, tenses and word stem principle, active passive and various verb forms

      * We will determine the main topics according to the individual situation of the students.
      We promote self-competence in your child:
      • Increasing self-confidence
      • Developing better self-reliance
      • Honing self-organization skills
      • Acquiring individual learning strategies
      • Avoiding slips and oversights
      • Improving endurance and focus
      • Developing a joy for writing
      Limited seats – enroll now!
      About us
      • GVZH is an independent and private competence center for Gymnasium preparation in the canton of Zurich.
      • Our experts have many years of experience in Gymnasium preparation.
      • We are a small team and focus on highest quality and individual support.
      • Our teachers are competent and committed. They are constantly expanding their knowledge and education.
      • We value fun and enthusiasm.
      • We practice open, clear and transparent communication.
      • Our lessons are highly differentiated. We support each child individually and according to his or her abilities.
      • We promote your child's independence and personal responsibility.
      Our course locations
      Our course rooms are situated in central locations, which you can easily get to via public transport. Our students can expect modern rooms, equipped with the latest media.
      Our course location directly at
      Zurich Main Station
      Lagerstrasse 2
      8090 Zurich
      «pre-course 7/8th grade»
      Thank you very much for your interest! If you have any questions before registering or if you would like a personal consultation first, you can contact us here.

      Pre-course 7/8th grade
      • 8 course days between May and July 2022
      • Small group and personal coaching
      • Comprehensive course material included
      • Participation fee: 1780CHF
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      Last name (child)
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